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What’s the Good News?

The King of the Castle Celebrates in Style!

Recently, we had the privilege of meeting a true visionary and the honor of bringing his perfect cinema to life. With the commitment of the BNC family to create luxurious environments for the most special family moments, we embarked on an incredible design journey.

It had to be special. It had to be deluxe. And it had to be an immersive entertainment space on par with royal treatment.


Boasting a 300 cm screen with a masterful acoustic design to capture the crispness of the video and audio, House King was a major success and an enjoyable experience for their family – and ours! For the opulent touch, we included electric chairs, a plush chaise lounge, and a ducted air system. The only thing left to do was sit back, relax, and let the popcorn machine do its thing!


We are proud to create bespoke designs and exclusive solutions for every family we work with. We invest in your happiness and work to build a home cinema to be proud of, exhibiting elegance and style, and delivering the ultimate in comfort and relaxation.


We all deserve a crown!


What’s Hot?

Doing more with the Meridian DSP8000XE

We’re excited to introduce you to the full force Meridian – the state-of-the-art next generation loudspeaker, designed to change the way you experience audio! After years of investment, research and innovation, this elite audio technology allows for total immersion. The Meridian Precision Sonic Transport ensures maximum sonic fidelity, intended to cover you in the moment of perfect sound, creating a new way to truly enjoy the acoustics in your home or office.


As for the aesthetic, the Select Finishing option allows you the choice of blending your new Meridian speaker into the room with a clean and complementary finish or standing out with vivid and striking colour. The choice is yours. Feel your audio differently – BNC and Meridian always do more!

Meridian DSPXE Loud Speaker BNC Technology JHB SA DBN CPT

Masterful Members
BNC takes a Seat with SAIA

“We’re also excited to announce that BNC are SAIA members again! They practice protection and ensure we are ahead of the game by keeping us in the loop with regards to the latest architectural developments and news, so we can provide you with only the best quality service and products.”

BNC takes a Seat with SAIA BNC Technology SA JHB CPT DBN

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