BNC Technology



We flexed our space planning game with this one. House Padi was one of the most dynamic challenges we’ve had in ten years- we loved it. We were presented with a small existing media room that wanted to upgrade to full cinema. We had to adapt our thinking to the confines of a smaller space without compromising on quality. So we brought it. The double door, the unusual fridge specs, the false wall that doubled as the core of the technical package, tiered seating- it all came together in seamless neutral rhythm. It was a small space when we arrived but it certainly made a big impression when we left.


What’s your best kept secret? Ours is speakers. Ok, it’s no secret that we have a thing going on with speakers, but we really appreciate the hidden joy that is Amina Invisible Speakers. Heard, not seen. Now that’s what you want in a speaker. As minimalism continues to rule as a design trend, the most attractive characteristic of integrated lifestyle is its solution to aesthetic clutter. Aminaspeakers are the sound soul mate of design cleanliness. They offer maximum audio benefits and none of the aesthetic obstruction. By directing complete focus towards audio quality, AminaInvisible speakers have mastered the audio art-form. By applying vibrational panel technologyand two core-technologies (Edge and Mobius), the invisible speakers accommodate supreme design and installation flexibility. This sovereign product exemplifies the art of integrated lifestyle and we love working with it.


Hello, sultry, smooth steel. You can stay. We love ergonomic designs that house complex systems. Siedle custom designed intercoms are streamlined with German precision to focus on the essentials for maximum functionality, and most importantly, longevity- which is why this product is such a great investment. Its advanced interface isn’t even the most attractive thing about Siedle intercoms, though. It’s the design. This is just a sexy intercom, full stop. We love the artistic freedom Siedle allows with their custom designs. There are four different product families to choose from, accommodating all tastes. This product turns us on.


Our game is seriously hotting up with some BNC reality TV. We’ve been switching things up and getting in front of the camera for a change with the shoot of our new video. The team had mad fun with this and it reminded us how much we love what we do. Seeing ourselves on the big screen in our own cinema was a unique and pretty cool experience.