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How to Decode a Super Fly Machine

How to Decode a Super Fly Machine

A few Saturday’s ago, I found myself marveling at the lean, mean family machine that stood solid before me. The all-pearly, first-to-market reveal of the Ferrari Portofino. A class act fellas. It was definitely a one-of-a-kind unveiling, seeing the family friendly Ferrari sports car, in all its panache and PG glory. There’s an understated commitment that beckons with creating a mechanically flawless, luxury, secure and eye-catching lifestyle experience – and like the engineers at Ferrari and BNC, when you’ve had the honour of crafting a machine that purrs with sex appeal and seamlessness, you realise that “tomorrow land” is not just a fantasy, it’s actually happening right now. But there are no guarantees that our tomorrow’s will be 100% smooth – even the best craftsmanship and tech surveyors need to future proof against the things that could go wrong. This is why Ferrari has marshals and a 24/7 dedicated after service team – and we do too. As a sports car driver, it’s important to know the flag signals of your drive, for your own safety and continued luxury experience – and as the proud owner of a home integrated system, you should know your ‘flags’ too. You might be surprised to learn that with BNC Technology, you have your own marshals in the wings, looking out for your best interest.

Here’s how it goes down when you’re not looking:

On the track, the yellow flag represents a danger warning. At our BNC Headquarters, we call this ‘a remote warning.’ When your smart home has even the slightest cough or hiccup, our remote monitoring system picks it up before you do. Bet you didn’t know that!


The red flag, on track, alerts the driver to a technical difficulty or that a session has timed out. When you experience a technical difficulty in your space, example your Control 4 hasn’t been updated or a lightning bolt took out your router, you can bet we raise the red flag on that one. Yes, it’s that serious. The faster we attend to it, the quicker we salvage the damage and have your system back in business.


The checkered flag represents the end of the race or a session. In our world, our checkered flag exists as an app on your phone. The day ends when you say it does. You can switch anything or everything off from your super smart Control4 app, from your phone, anywhere in the world. Ask us about Mockupancy, a trick design for the optimum business and leisure traveller.

And speaking of ‘trick’, you’re probably wondering by now how many laps I took around the track, right? Speak to my MVP Chanelle Zackey over at Ferrari Bryanston, she’ll hook you up – and then I’ll ask you the same question.