BNC Technology



There is nothing more exhilarating than a power hour crossfit session – one that plays the soundtrack of your day (your life, even). There I was, suffering my way through pull-up reps (big night, the night before) when an epic tune blasted through the speaker system. Like our old friend Chuck, I was suddenly quicker, stronger, faster and probably raised a couple eyebrows while bopping my head in time to the sick beat. I felt like a master – of everything. Music can do that though. It lifts you, encourages you. It gets you. Scientifically we’ve learnt that sound can reduce anxiety, promote euphoria and can even shorten medical recovery periods. My go-to National Geographic, speaks about the healing therapies of sound and when we hear awesome sound, that speaks directly to our emotions, our brains become flooded with dopamine – yes, dopamine. That neurotransmitter responsible for your “reward or motivated” behavior. That’s right up there with the same feeling of carnal desire and eating the best cheeseburger you can get your hands on – which would also explain my roundhouse outburst at crossfit.


Sound is powerful, it has the ability to make or break a mood. So, logically, the better the sound, the harder that dopamine hit. That’s why, in my game, I appreciate the be all and end all of a moment, a party or a function through the superior quality of sound. Sure, it’s about the track you’re hearing, the beats and the lyrics – but it is always, always, about the speaker system, first. Quality driven speakers are a non-negotiable fellas. Whether watching the game with my boys or clinching the deal on a job or throwing the ultimate party- excellent sound means an excellent outcome. And you thought they stayed ‘til 3am because of the bottomless whisky!


So when I say, I have a speaker system for you that does more than what Porche 917 did for Le Mans, then trust me on this. They’re called Meridian Speakers. These babies are pioneers of high-resolution audio. Take their M6 Digital Active Loudspeaker for example: it has two built in amplifiers (100W and 150W) with DSP, which provides a maximum level of 114dB at 1m. It also features an off axis dispersion, which gives you an even distribution of sound, that means big or small, Meridian covers them all! They’re extremely versatile – and have just been introduced into selected gyms in New York City. Note to self: got to get me to that pimped out gym!


I’ll be the first to put up my hand and say that I am a conformed Meridian bloke. In my car, at my home, at the office – with Meridian, I know I’m being dealt the good stuff, always.