19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA

Amalia, Pretoria, South Africa

What we did:

For looking good: We gave her lighting conditions that would cultivate intimate scenes and highlight the beauty of the home from an architectural and design perspective. The lighting operates at 80% capacity, and can be reduced further by 25% across the home by activating “green mode.”

For good looking: We distributed ten zones of video throughout the property, with satellite television, streaming services, display of power consumption as well as video display. And most importantly- a seriously kitted out cinema.

What he wanted:

A high performance media room that harmonised top caliber technical and aesthetic criteria.

What we installed:

A media room that speaks the language of interior design supremacy. It was a challenging space for a cinema due to sliding doors along the left hand side of the room; so we adapted the space by installing motorised blinds to block out the glass on demand.

We transformed the right-hand side into a feature wall clad with beautiful fabric and mineral fiber to add absorption to the room. The space was also fashioned to accommodate enough storage for an impressive collection of blu-rays.

Amalia required an upgrade. More fluidity. More desirability.

We started our journey towards creating seamless functionality. One of a kind. Sophisticated. Exciting. Seriously sexy. Damn cool. Oh, she was designed to please and make you never want to leave.

A house with flair for a man with flair, Keith wanted to optimise his home. He wanted to tailor a space that optimised fluidity, ease, ultimate control and ultimate luxury. It was a job that required taking one fine home and making her even finer.

Enter: The AV. The black boxes. The panels. The security. Enter: BNC Technology.

Never miss a thing…

It begins at the gate, with a sultry, seductive Siedle. A state-of-the-art German-crafted intercom, for seamless communication. We integrated the Siedle BUS intercom system throughout the home to accommodate internal communication and uninterrupted connection between interior and exterior. The system is complete with an intercom handset which can be controlled from anywhere inside the home.

We gave her the best in CCTV video surveillance with an integrated network video recording system and number plate recognition. This video distribution means constant access from anywhere in the home- TVs, mobile, touch panels.

House: ON

What he wanted:

A switch for everything. Make it a double.

What we did:

For ultimate convenience, we installed keypads with two rows of buttons throughout the home. Double that of our usual switch panels. This aligns with the complete integrated Control4 system, enabling full access control from an app.

Hooked Up

Power efficiency was essential for maximum functionality. We made energy saving a priority by drawing power from solar panelling and integrating an android box into the system that provides information on power management across the property. We implemented an incoming feed for the grid on all three phases.

To ensure the network is always online, we implemented a self-healing network designed with specified power cycle access points when they lose signal. If the switch does not get feedback from the access point after the second reboot, The BNC Technology service department is notified and the issue is addressed immediately.

Want to see my Bedroom?

What he wanted:

A bedroom designed to stay all weekend.

What we installed:

A seriously high performing bedroom equipped with AV and full access control. Back to back screens- for viewing from the bed and the lounge area. Meridian speakers carefully tucked away in the ceilings, for uncompromised audio. Within the bedroom there is access to control over the entire home: A “green mode” button to control all lighting, an “away” button that shuts down the entire main wing and arms the alarm, and a button to ensure closure of all doors, gates and the garage. We also installed hidden speakers around the bedroom courtyard area for a sneaky party, or ambiance for outdoor relaxation.