19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA

Coral Road, Pretoria, South Africa


It’s a personality trait. It’s knowing what you want – and designing your life so you can have it when the time is right. At BNC Technology, we know a guy like this. A sharp guy, a suave guy, a Future Forward, knows-what-he wants-and-how-he-wants-it kind of guy. He’s our kind of guy.

The Coral Road journey had truly begun.

Carving out a space as a canvas, dedicated to the home cinema experience. Back in 2016, our client approached us to explore his home cinemascaping options. Our designers invited him to a private viewing of our cinema, where he could appreciate the full experience. Every whim, every desire, every last dreamy detail was placed on the table for the man himself. Oh, he was impressed. But the timing was not right. He would not let his enthusiasm outweigh his strategy or his patience. He needed some time. Weeks passed. Months rolled by. The call from our Man didn’t come. But with a dexterity like his, we knew it would… And it did! Two years later, with his vision mapped out and his timing on schedule, the phone rang. He was ready. His new home was ready. In the process of his home build, he instructed his architect to carve out a space as a canvas, dedicated to the home cinema experience.

From Nick Caripis:

There’s an understandable focus of technical detail when it comes to cinema rooms, but the home provided another challenge: make this a room for the whole family to enjoy. It’s a project we took on with great enthusiasm – knowing that our client had saved a space in his new home for us to develop, and giving us creative freedom to deliver on his dream cinema room was an all-round enjoyable experience for us

Design. Beyond Trend.

This was truly a blank canvas and primed for dreams.

We started our journey with a clean sweep. A new canvas of thinking.

We also found a home for firsts

Coral Road was the first BNC Technology project that implemented a dedicated EQ unit as a permanent part of the setup. It added to the technical complexity of the cinema planning, but means that the perfect sound is delivered every time. Yep, it’s a first for us – but it won’t be the last time we include that particular toy…

What he said

“Give me something beautiful.”

What we did

Assessed the space for the perfect marriage of welcoming luxury and immersive entertainment.

What we discovered

A client willing to give us creative freedom, which allowed us to deliver beyond expectation. We selected finishes for their warmth and natural appeal and combined them with technical expertise and world class in-house design. This would be an audio visual experience like no other.

Interiors. With love.

Innovation at every turn. Wood finishes add warmth and a natural feel, while hiding access to the technical area.

The skill is in the blending of tones and textures

Making these seemingly opposite elements live together in luxurious harmony

What he said

“Keep it minimalist. Make sure it’s contemporary.”

What we did

A bespoke couch was swathed in fine fabric, refined further by adding soft cushions; an antithesis to the technical requirements of our acoustic treatment.

What we installed

a 145” acoustically transparent screen that conceals the left, right and centre channel speakers.

The skill is in the blending of tones and textures, making these seemingly opposite elements live together in luxurious harmony, under a clear sky of brilliant starlight. Astonishing acoustics, stirring sound and vivid vision merge seamlessly with the surroundings, making for a truly immersive experience.

Our material selection for the room helps sound and vision work together for a natural, seamless experience that the family can enjoy.

Challenges. They’re Always There.

The room sits very close to the water table.

What he said

“The room sits very close to the water table.”


What we did

An automated pump that drains excess water when it reaches a pre-determined level. But because it’s who we are, we took it a step further.

The end result

Using smart sensors, the water level is constantly monitored. If it rises to a critical point, the system will shut off power to selected components, and send an alert to our clients phone. We think it’s pretty damn cool.

Sometimes, it’s not what’s on the inside that counts. We took into account a window on the face of the house – left untreated, it would have been a weak link. Acoustic panelling on the inside, and a dark tint on the outside. Business as usual.

With the house being a concrete construction, sound isolation was an important consideration. We chose a double-door cinema room entry solution. Technically inspired, elegantly executed.

Delivering the best of everything often requires compromise. In Coral Road, the hardness of the wood finishes provided an elegant alternative to the traditional black and grey, but due to their reflective nature, added a dimension of complexity to the acoustic planning.

A balance was struck.

Added acoustic absorption hidden in the walls work together with the soft furnishings to provide a superior sound stage. You say “problem”, we say “solution”. It’s what we do.

A determined family man, he partnered with a team focused on design brilliance. Through mutual trust, innovation, attention to detail and technical excellence, the dream was made real.

The vision of one man, supported by many, to be enjoyed by the select few

The family now get to share their time together while soaking in the starlight, wrapped up in pure indulgence.

These are times the Future Forward clients hits pause, so they can enjoy the Now.

On Thursday November 22nd, 2018, there was understandable excitement in the home. The shell that had for so long stood empty now waited to invite them in to enjoy what would be the first of many hours spent in its luxurious heart.

The family settled in; the stars shone. The screen revealed its first images and the speakers came alive with captivating brilliance. They knew that from now on, this was their special place to share together, whenever they chose.

Not surprising that dad and his boys turned their new home cinema into the venue for a sleepover on that first night…

A toast to big moments, big dreams and the blessing of family time – with all the bells and whistles.