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Putting it into practice, and getting the desired results? Well, that’s an entirely different story. It was a challenge laid down to us by a client we knew; and we knew that he would expect nothing but the best in the end. You see, Padi was a an old friend of BNC Technology: we had already created a complete automation solution for his previous home. Now though, it was time to take his design to the next level, because he wanted something special for his new home.

Game on

Rather than being a blank canvas on which to realise his home cinema dreams, his new home was already there and waiting. It was constructed. Its spaces were defined, its dimensions immovable. And it required an immersive experience within a compact footprint. This would be no sledgehammer-assisted, space-making exercise – it would require a feat of design dexterity, with BNC Technology flexing our technical muscles within a space that didn’t allow much flexibility.

With our team assembled, we began to look at just how we would tackle one of most challenging designs in our ten year history. There would be no substitute for excellence, no extra time to get things right. House Padi was waiting.

Design. Beyond Limitations.

The space on offer presented constraints.

We had our work cut out for us.

Maximising the floorspace
Genuine entertainment experience
Media room experience
What he said

“It’s time to step up the game.”

What we did

Assessed the space for its suitability to deliver a genuine entertainment experience in a defined and compact area.

What we discovered

A client familiar with a media room experience, but now wanting something more luxurious and infinitely grander. We also found ourselves amped for the challenge to deliver on his expectations within hard parameters.

Millimetre perfect.

Start with the space.
Maximising the floorplan

Focusing our efforts
With critical elements in place and unable to be moved, our key focus was working with the available space. Before equipment, before cabling, before acoustics could be considered, we knew that the space had to be millimetre perfect before we began to populate it with a screen, seating and speakers. BNC Technology’s Design Team came to the fore, focusing their efforts and maximising the floorplan.

Powerful performance was required in a small space.

Interiors. Innovated.

We don’t do compromise!

Innovated at every turn
Solutions that not only delivered on the technical requirements, but also fitted into the spaced allowed.

Lights and system control.
Powerful entertainment experience.
A double door entrance gives a grand impression.
What cinema is complete without popcorn?
What he said

“The space can’t be small on experience”

What we did

Innovated at every turn, with bespoke solutions that not only delivered on the technical requirements, but also fitted into the spaced allowed.

What we installed

A partitioning wall at the entrance. This became more than just a design feature – it was a core part of the technical package.

The initial recommendation for the screen position would compromise the rest of the space. We don’t do compromise! With no room to play with (not even outside this particular box), we created a winning solution. A partition provided not only the traditional feature wall of a cinema, but also allowed us to comfortably fit the two rows of seating required.

Our project managers and Design Team then endowed the false wall with technical superpowers: it houses all the cabling and speakers for the front cinema stage, and also holds the screen in place. Space planning maximised by innovative design!

In some ways, the partition wall is the centre of the design, around which the other requirements flow: seating for 8 and a space that allowed for the serving of cold drinks and fresh popcorn.

Technically Inspired, Luxuriously Executed.

The Finishes.

The space on offer presented constraints.
we had our work cut out for us.

What he said

“Upgrade my space.”

What we installed

Neutral Rhythm. No, it’s not a technical term – it’s part of the Designer Range offered by BNC Technology.

The end result

A seamless execution of sound and style. Speaker profiles were kept as flat as possible to integrate perfectly with the Natural Rhythm finish. It really sounds as good as it looks!

Hidden speakers were encased in inner shells that also held the insulation material; we combined this with acoustically transparent fabrics and a ceiling-mounted projector for a seamless look that performed brilliantly.

BNC Technology’s attention to detail extends to every part of the build. The rear seating is installed on its own tier, which is constructed of wooden MDF board. A generous application of acoustic glue means noise and reverberations are kept to zero. We like our booms and thuds to come from the soundtrack, not people walking to their chairs.

House Padi: an incredible upgrade.
The Result: Small Space, Big Impression.

When Padi first approached us, it was to help him upgrade his experience from media room to home cinema. The result is a space that, while compact, still offers a truly entertaining experience, with full sized seating, awesome sound and vision, and refreshments on hand.

But it was also an upgrade for BNC Technology: we had to adapt our thinking to the confines of a smaller space, without compromising on the quality our clients have come to expect from us. We think we nailed it.

We’re always excited to deliver the best possible home cinema experience. The House Padi project demanded that, but also allowed us the opportunity to show our prowess in designing spaces that fit very specific requirements. The limited area that the room had to offer presented a challenge that, for us, makes the results even more satisfying.

When we started with House Padi, the challenge was obvious: small space, without the option to move the fittings and features. It was down to our design expertise, optimising every millimetre of the room to create a cinema that can stand as equal next to any of our other projects.

We were given the this challenge by a client who had previously experienced our work, and as such, knew what he should expect. He was particular in his requirements, and we were happy to oblige.

In the end, the compact cinema space still features the best of BNC Technology’s abilities, thanks to innovation in design, excellence in technology, and luxury in finishing.

House Padi: challenge completed.