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Centurion, South Africa

The conversation started in lockdown.

It was the year 2020 and Covid-19 had begun its rapid takeover of the world. Restaurants closed their doors, shops slammed closed their tills, cinemas turned out the lights and people were confined to their lounges. But somewhere between it all, there was still hope – inside the home of a Family.

That’s when we got the call…

Mr Kab rang us up with a custom request. We could tell this man had class. A family guy with a thirst for seamless living. Our kinda guy!

Mr Kab wanted to liven up Friday date nights at home, to feel at ease on lazy Sundays with the kids and to kick back after work during the week. We had the perfect solution. Our C’SEED 201 inch TV – an insanely premium outdoor experience, with a rigorously streamlined Porsche design and a storage case hidden beneath the ground. It would be epic, and we wanted him to have one!

He said – um…no thanks.

So we put that baby on hold (but just for now, we said!) and brought out the classics instead: a suave home theatre solution fit for the whole family. Mr Kab loved the idea. The question was: what about space? Space and timing were always the question. Mr Kab needed ‘to think about it’. Our phone call ended and … radio silence prevailed.

We thought we lost them for a second

Months later, Mr Kab rang again…!

He said:

“We’re ready to move ahead!”

We said:

“We’re already outside!”

And so our Cinema journey began with the Kab’s – a family with a deep-rooted love for home values and quality time

Mr and Mrs Kab wanted a solid screen by the pool, to keep themselves and their kids entertained while they were splashing around. We were thinking bigger.

At first, there was some hesitation. They were a little unsure about a home theatre, but they knew their main objective was to spoil the kids – and nothing was going to change that.

We stepped away from the pool, and followed them inside. They led us to an unused room in their home; one that could possibly be converted into a cinema. It was small. It was more than small, it was tiny. We were a little taken aback, by what they had in mind.

We said:

This room?

They said:


We went quiet. This time, it seemed, we needed some time to deliberate – to think, to plan, to restrategise. The Kab’s deserved the full experience, and we wanted to give them this – but could it be done in this tiny space?

We would soon find out!

Step over Guinness World Records (Okay kind of!)

Our man of swag and sentiment was ready to rock – our lives pretty much! What started out as a regular cinema solution was about to unravel as one of the toughest, most solutions-driven projects we had yet to tackle.

This is the story of the smallest cinema in the world! And BNC Technology was at the helm of it all.

3×4 metres? No way!

The going was tough.

We said:

“Mmm, okay cool – this could be a little challenging…”

Mr Kab’s said:

“Go for gold!”

They were set on their decision: they wanted it! And against the odds, we wanted to be the first home automation squad to deliver on the smallest cinema room this side of the planet.

So we shook on it and set up for the challenge!

We put our heads together and after many long nights (and definitely too much caffeine), we decided that they were going to get a fully immersive home cinema experience, made from scratch! And hell yes, we would make it work!

It would take immense planning, but with such an excited family (who had a baby on the way, too!), we were down! All it needed was some nipping and tucking and a luxurious BNC touch – and maybe, some miraculous intervention from the Home Theatre gods!

The objective:

  1. an intimate and inviting home theatre room,
  2. intricate design with a cosy atmosphere
  3. premium AV.
  4. Make it fit!!

It’s all fun and games until the screen screws up

And the red flags began to blow. When we got to working, we soon realised that the projector wasn’t giving us a big enough image on the screen. This was a problem. A big problem. So we suggested an upgrade to a more sophisticated model that could meet their desires.

“Not gonna happen.”

Their response:

Plan B. We doubled down on the sound while we worked some magic on the projector. We designed our thinking around an Atmos System that perfectly fit the room and created an immersive surround-sound experience. This would take their family Sundays up a notch – feeling like they were actually inside the cinema screen with the actors. Pretty cool, right!?

Even though the space was small, we made a plan – like only BNC can! We reshaped the room with our tech, allowing for the illusion of space. Playing around with some colours, changing up the design and taking advantage of the brilliant acoustics in the room made it feel so much bigger. We were happy.

It was working!

The clock was ticking. Cue the couch!

We built their premium and comfy couch set-up from scratch. Plush and gorgeous, it fitted the home theatre get up perfectly. Only one problem: it barely fit through the doorway!

We had to build it in multiple sections just to make it fit. We used their large bedroom windows as our gateway – now, that was a site to witness. At BNC Technology, we’re pretty much prepared for anything, and to try anything!

The challenges did not yield there. We were starting to sweat – and not just from lifting that massive cabinet. Throw in major delays of stock, and worldwide shortages due to Covid, logistical challenges and a mountain of pressure. This little space was presenting some serious sleepless nights.

So, how did it finish?

Like true professionals – and with a newfound friendship in the Kab Tribe.

Come tight squeezes or bedroom windows, we were on a mission of excellence from the starting line. We created a space that felt effortless, comfortable, relaxed and our Kab family could sink into daily luxury like the true VIPs of their home.

A Small Space with a Big Heart

Our space turned out immaculate. Small before, big hearted after. This is how we love to roll.

Homely and private; luxurious, sleek – with soft backlights, crisp video quality and ridiculously clear surround-sound audio. This was a class act of its own – with a classy family that were about to live their lives one movie night after the next.

Only one thing was missing – the popcorn!

The Kab Home Cinema room was unveiled – and little Kab was so excited – she jumped with joy to watch Spiderman on her new, really big screen. This moment warmed our hearts, and our time spent with the Kab family became something far more memorable than the cool design prints in our hands.

At BNC Technology we place family at the centre of our business solutions – and appreciate the importance seamless home living. The Kab home was no exception – with a small space that ultimately made a big impression, on all of us.

A toast to our Kab – and to small spaces, big hearts and classy solutions – against the odds

(When we got back to our showroom, we watched Spiderman too!)