19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA

Silver, Pretoria, South Africa

It was the year 2020. Shops were closed. Latches were locked. Kids were hidden far, far away from schools and streets. The roads were quiet. Nobody was going to the office. Pajamas sales went through the roof as the world worked from home. South Africans mourned the nationwide alcohol ban, wondering when they were going to go to a party again. It was a daunting and uncertain time. And then we got the call to make things better.

When the home speaks, the heart listens.

The world was at home. And so was school, work and play. COVID-19 had hit – the most devastating global pandemic the modern world had ever seen – and overnight ‘the home’ became everything. The Silver Family knew that there was no waiting for “normal”; there was no waiting for things to return to how they were. And there was also no time to waste in creating a space of joy and retreat inside their residence; a space that would keep their family happy, hopeful and mostly, together.

A stylish spot in Pretoria

The Silver home was calling for an entertainment miracle. They had a vison: something slick, spacious and cutting-edge where they could distract themselves from the hardships outside and come together to create new memories. They wanted an inspiring kickback spot for dad and sons to indulge (in PS5), and for mom to sink into the sweet harmonies of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. A place where they could enjoy state-of-the-art viewing. The Silver family needed a home cinema. And we knew just how to make that happen.

Life[style] at Home

BNC Technology was ready to make magic. We wanted to present a concept that wasn’t just functional – but incomparable too. This home cinema had to be different. It had to do more than simply entertainment; it had to connect a family. As their home cinema partner during one of the world’s most gruelling times, we were amped to design a space that encapsulated audio, visual and unforgettable connection – the human kind. We call this the BNC Experience. With everything shut down, Netflix and play station skyrocketed as downtime necessities. Media entertainment areas were officially the hearth of the home.

It was a hell yes.

They said:

Where do we sign?

We said:

Right here…

The Biturbo V8 of Home Viewing

Inspired by the Silver’s love for cars, we proposed a cinema that mirrors the experience of a sports car for the user: sexy, seamless, stylish, exhilarating. We combined this with a relaxed feel that would accommodate the family experience. An expressive design with an intelligent mix of materials and functionality at its core, this was going to be a stylish cinema, encouraging family fun and promising turbo-charged recharge.

99 problems…but quality ain’t one.

Yes, there was a problem. Maybe a few. Navigating a pandemic was one thing. But dealing with short supply, third party trade delays, a 5.2 x 5 space that required a whole lot of tech squeezing – we weren’t surprised when they almost lost it.

They said:

“Is this thing ever going to be ready?”

We Said:

It’s coming soon…

Quality over Query – ALWAYS!

Despite circumstances, we never compromise on quality. Our promise to all our clients is a worldclass home cinema solution, that needs to please as it delivers. While the challenges kept rolling in, we remained determined to give the Silver family an exceptional home cinema that would deliver only joy
for years to come. AND THEN, A PIPE BURST…. A little drama left us skirting around a burst water pipe, but we ensured that the Silver house stayed functional no matter what – and our promise of excellence would go on.

He said:

Why is my house leaking?

We Said:

Shh, don’t worry about it….

Small space, big flow

With an 5.2 x 5 room we needed to be clever about space. We had to create it.
The solution was perfection. The design unfolded in various elements such as swivel racks inside the TV unit that ergonomically tucked away the tech, with a daybed and bean bags to invite spaciousness, while seating six to nine people.
Held neatly together by masterful technology such as Control4, every tiny detail aimed to open up the space in this cinema, enabling seamless flow in the function of the room.

Farai said:

Wow, you guys didn’t oversell yourselves, you really delivered!

We Smiled

A lasting impression…

With a sophisticated design, advanced tech and insane love for what we do, we created a space, not just for a family – but for a future. A future that would hold close the stories that entertained the Silver home forever.