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It’s your Show. Connect with it

When it comes to a “Private” invitation, there are only but a few feelings that we’re automatically inclined to feel: important, worthy, intimate. “Private” feels exclusive; it feels personal and understood; it feels, quite effortlessly, like it’s yours.


This is what it means to experience the privacy of your automated universe. There’s a certain discern that comes with luxuriating in your own private space, tailored to your personal story and aspirations. There’s a satisfaction knowing you’ve designed this, with a delicate thirst for the grander life; an intimacy of lifestyle if you will, that beautifully belongs to you.


At BNC Technology, this is what we do. We deal with the deeper moments of a client experience, tapping into the relationship between human and tech. It’s a connection we’ve witnessed in our showroom, and in the homes of so many of our clients, for the last 15 years. And it’s why we love our work.


This month, we’re celebrating the private affair of everything home automation, with private viewings available at our showroom in Johannesburg. We invite you to get up close and curious about some of the coolest, loudest, smartest, and classiest tech available in the world. From new arrivals to intricate specs and home cinema exploration – it’s ours, and it’s yours – and it’s Private.


What’s the Good News?

Things are looking up. There’s exciting new tech entering our space, the installation of luxurious home theatres is well underway and, in spite of the challenges of the past two years, there’s a need for us all to get back to the wonders of living – and world-class tech experiences are no exception.


Recently, we were incredibly fortunate to head for the bustle of Barcelona for ISE (Integrated Systems Europe) – one of the world’s leading AV and systems integration exhibitions, which has been held annually since 2004. And it felt good to be back at the forefront of innovation!


We explored revolutionary design that would blow your mind – anyone’s mind – and we trained up in progressive tech – like we always do – so we could bring the swag back to you.

So, What Cool Things Did We Discover?

High Quality Audio was the talk of the Ramblas this year, with a strong focus on human behavioural changes since the pandemic. Individuals are potentially spending more time in the home, and enjoying their favourite music, films, and entertainment at higher quality audio levels. This means, bandwidth is the popular discussion point and designers worldwide are hard at work integrating technology that will enable exceptional streaming of high-quality audio in a dedicated space. Suffice to say, we’re sharing some of these tech secrets with you, exclusively. Read on! Book a Private Viewing

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C SEED HYDE 125 and Meridian DSP8000.2 – That’s What!



If you’re in the right circles, this is a name you’ll know: C’SEED. The world’s most coveted outdoor speaker experience, emerging out of the ground at the touch of a smartphone or iPad. With 125 decibels of sleek sound pressure (loud enough for anything anyone would ever want to hear – operas included!), superior engineering, and 110-degree beam angle for sound stretch and volume currency, poolside parties are destined to be incomparable. Come experience the ultimate sound euphoria for yourself, with the C SEED HYDE 125 Outdoor Speaker. Book a Private Viewing

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Meridian Audio DSP8000.2

Jumping to our big brother of soundscape, we’re also proudly showcasing the Meridian DSP8000.2 Digital Active Loudspeakers. This floor-standing loudspeaker delivers the latest in Digital Signal Processing technology in a trademark polished Meridian design. At R1.9 million, the quality matches the price; created with new subtle, yet significant elements, five amplifiers that provide crystal-clear quality, extended-bandwidth analogue electronics, and improved digital converters, the boys will back every Saturday for the party. We promise. Book a Private Viewing


Private always feels better

Home cinemas of distinction. Our team completed an all-round sleek home cinema design and installation for House Diamond Drive. Back in 2014, we’d designed a Home Cinema to meet our client’s needs – and 8 years later, so much had changed; including technology!


This time round, the objective was to upgrade the current system, as well as the room’s interiors and technologies. Our client desired an atmosphere that was modern, sultry, comfortable, progressive and family-oriented. We closely collaborated with Nico van der Meulen Architects, IL Lusso and Goodwood Boards to ensure an environment as attractive as it is functional (magic happens when good teams come together for good collaboration! Just saying).


The technology we selected for the home was concealed to keep it out of the hands of little ones. The larger screen was a request – and a top priority, too – to deliver an immersive experience that would guarantee an epic day in, or night out. The cousins loved it!


For us, this project really was the perfect example of that ‘private connection’ explored between our humanness, and the function and form of technology. It looks good, it sounds good, and most importantly, it feels good. It’s what we do.


Experience the luxury of life with us. Book your private viewing today